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Virtual Certainty

Published: Sep 15 , 2020
Author: Mark Simpson

Virtual communication is now the norm. This happened quickly as Covid-19 turned into a Global Pandemic. Business Professionals around the world realized that they needed to upskill themselves and their teams in virtual communication and they needed to do it quickly. They did this. However, Team meetings over Zoom are one thing, actually conducting business virtually is a whole other ball game!

Travel restrictions and social distancing look likely to be with us for a long time, all businesses have to adapt to this. Virtual negotiations are the new norm.

Scotwork’s Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills Training was developed in response to these new ways of doing business. Scotwork, a Global Organisation, adapted to this new norm and adapted quickly, in order to offer the same interactive experience through a medium that will only become more important as the world changes.

What businesses and organisations around the world want and need is certainty. This is something that the Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills course offers.

You can be certain that:

  • The course will provide an immersive virtual learning experience in a safe environment, which is wherever the participant wants to be.
  • There will be no cancellations or disruptions due to restrictions and/or lockdowns
  • Participants will receive the same interactive experience that they would have had in the classroom.
  • Attendees will be effectively skilled to negotiate in virtual as well as face to face situations.
  • Everyone will receive access to Scotwork’s trademarked digital tools to reinforce and enhance their skills after the course.

And the feedback from participants has been, and continues to be, positive.

“As an ex alumnus of Scotwork I was keen to put my team through the Advancing Negotiation Skills course but I was hesitant to do it virtually given the perceived downside of remote training.  However I am delighted with the multimedia virtual programme that Scotwork provided and the resulting level of engagement and feedback from the team.

There is already, in evidence, a change in behaviour that I am confident will deliver a significant return on our investment.”

Simon Thomas – Chief Commercial Officer FIFA


If you want certainty, Scotwork NZ’s next Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills course will run 20-22 October. Places are limited, if you need certainty, book now.

For more information visit or email


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About the author:

Mark Simpson
Born and raised in the UK, where he first became involved with Scotwork, Mark has lived in New Zealand since 1994. Mark has a passion for teaching, coaching and negotiating, not just in the classroom but working alongside clients helping them to achieve outstanding results in major commercial and industrial relations negotiations.

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Virtual Certainty

For many people, organisations and businesses, uncertainty prevails currently. We know that life and business will go on, although how we go about both has, and will, continue to change dramatically. Scotwork adapted rapidly to enable us to give certainty to our clients and participants.

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