• Defining negotiation

  • Defining negotiation

  • Defining negotiation

  • Defining negotiation

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  • Play nice!

    Two questions: When negotiating, do you want the other side to act reasonably? And, Is it a good strategy to be reasonable when negotiating? Most people will say yes to the first question. It would be crazy not to. The second however creates a bit more of a dilemma. We are sometimes tempted to go high or low, pad and exaggerate what we really anticipate being able to achieve. Because that is what we should do right?...

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  • Making babies called Donald?

    I predict a spike in the birth-rate at the beginning of August 2017 because thousands of people, in the US and around the world, were making babies last night. There is much anecdotal evidence that after a trauma people take solace with each other. How many couples will have gone to bed last night whispering to each other ‘WTF (Will Trump Flourish?)’ before rolling over and occupying themselves with other things?

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    • ANS open course in Auckland 6-8 December - hurry up last chance this year!
    • Measuring & benchmarking performance for clients, with the Scotwork Negotiating Capability Survey
    • Running in house ANS programmes throughout December, January & February for top NZ and multinational clients who want to make a real difference to performance and the bottom line
    • ANS open course in Auckland 21-23 February
    • Consulting with clients on significant changes to their terms of trade with major partners
    • Assisting clients prepare for major collective contract negotiations
    • Executive briefing for the senior management team of a top NZX listed company
    • ANS open course in Wellington 14-16 March




  • "Fun and safe method of training to highlight areas for improvement, for me has been really useful"Jim Davies - Category Procurement Manager, Cadbury Read full testimonial
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  • "One of the lessons learnt helped me when faced with a AK 47 Serbian Militia man at a roadblock during the Bosnian Conflict"Michael Kelly, DebenhamsRead full testimonial
  • "The structure and content of the different steps that make up the process - also pushing yourself in areas that you had no experience before was very rewarding"Colm Ahern - Technical Services Manager, LVMHRead full testimonial
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